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Thank you for your support during the campaign!

Advocate | Service Member | Leader

About Beau Phillips

I am a Constitutional Conservative. I have devoted my career to protecting the rights and civil liberties of my clients. It is the role of the judiciary to uphold and apply the laws, and I have spent far too much time battling cases in front of judges who legislate, prosecute, and promote their private agendas and personal biases from the bench. If I am elected to serve as District Judge in Oklahoma County, I promise to be fair and just. I am indebted to no one and will do no favors. Your case will be heard on the merits of the facts, and your rights will be protected. 

I was raised in Yukon with my sisters and our parents. I grew up working alongside my father, who was a carpenter on his days off from the OKCFD. I graduated from Yukon High School in 2000 as a National Merit Scholar. I enlisted in the Army my senior year and was shipped off to basic training four days after graduation. I am now in the Army Reserves, serving as a Sergeant First Class assigned to the 128th LOD. 

Last year I married a smart, beautiful, and passionate lawyer and life has never been better. Rebecca and I office together, and I greatly enjoy, and will dearly miss, working cases with her. We have two children, eight and four. They are simply amazing. One day recently, while stuck in traffic on my way to daycare pickup at 5:45, I realized that I only thought I knew what pressure was. If you know you know. 

When I find myself with a spare moment or two, I enjoy collecting old tools, working on cars, and restoring classic motorcycles. You'll find me at Coffee and Cars most every first Saturday if I'm not at drill. 


In 2003 I received my Bachelor's degree (magnum cum laude) in International Business from Oklahoma City University with a minor in the Chinese Language. During my undergraduate years, I was active in student government, worked full-time, and served as vice-president of our chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Our Chapter was nationally recognized for scholastic and philanthropic accomplishments. For the spring and summer before law school, I put my schooling to work managing daily production floor activity at a small manufacturing company. I received my law degree from Oklahoma City University in December 2007. Throughout school, I again worked full-time gaining invaluable experience working for one of the biggest civil law firms in Oklahoma City. Despite working and fulfilling my military obligations, I finished school on the Dean's List. 

After law school (and some active-duty military time) I was hired on by the Public Defender's Office in Oklahoma County. Over the next six years, I represented thousands of clients and successfully tried dozens of cases. Since going out on my own in 2015, I have continued to represent clients in criminal defense, but have also gained experience in civil litigation (everything from evictions, small claims, breach of contract, family law, and property and land disputes to more complicated matters like federal employment law, discrimination suits, and federal actions for violation of civil rights). I have gained valuable experience in all of these matters, but I find myself always drawn back to courtroom practice. 

One area of law that is close to my heart are my cases that are heard in the Juvenile Justice Center. Due to the confidential nature of these cases, most of our fellow citizens do not know how underrepresented parents are, or how we treat our children in their first interactions with our justice system. 

I think you deserve a judge with a broad range of experiences in life, with true leadership experience, and the trial experience to think on one's feet and make correct decisions in the heat of the moment. 

I have served my country for over 22 years. I have served my clients diligently for the last 13 years. I ask for your vote on June 28th, so that I may serve all of Oklahoma County.

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